This page delivers information on our KB precision chains. Competence in production and state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and processes guarantee this brand product’s extraordinary durability.

Competence begins with procurement – we only use top quality raw materials. We produce the individual semi-finished parts for our chains in ultramodern plants. This is, for example, where chain links with optimised dimensions are manufactured using precision stamping. The aim of this procedure is to increase fatigue strength. The chain sprockets are produced in single, seamless parts using cold extrusion.

Heat treatment is the key to ensuring high quality standards in every chain production run. This process affects above all a chain’s wear resistance. That is why all hardening processes in our company are carried out using computer-controlled machinery. All heat treatment parameters are documented in the system and this ensures consistent high quality.

After automated assembly, all KB chains are pre-stretched, in most cases using dynamic running-in. The aim here is to minimise the lengthening such products are prone to once the chains are in use. Customers now have the option of choosing from a selection of initial lubrications. Alongside lubricants for high and low-temperature applications, these include grease suitable for use near food and permanent lubrication.

All individual production processes are connected via integrated intermediate controls. Before products are sent to our international customers we carry out comprehensive final inspections. These can on request be documented in the factory certificate.

Not only the development of special solutions but also research and development are key aspects of our work. We strive continuously to optimise our chains, for example by improving wear resistance and fatigue strength.